(x) Acne Jeans serif logo - Times Modern {Zachary Ohlman}

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I need to find out what this font used in the Acne Jeans logo is www.acnejeans.com . I've been searching my folders and the web for hours, but can't find the perfect match. Sorry for the bad pic..

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Hallo, this is a times ten bold or a other

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I thought it was a Times too but could'nt find an exact match. I couldn't find a Times with the J below the baseline.

Or the 'c' with such a pronounced ball cusp.

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Or a Times with the angeled serif on the top of the 'n'..

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Isn't that Trooper?

Nick Cooke

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Doesn't match the Trooper in my specimen book...

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I know - I was a bit hasty ;^(

Nick Cooke

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you may want to mail them directly


they are not just a fashion company, they are one of Swedens most successful design and advertising agencies at the moment and do all of their own design. They may have well created the logo freehand.


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It looks soooooooo familiar...

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It looks like a display face from the early seventies to me, though I can't nail it exactly.

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It's almost like a condensed ITC Tiffany.

- Lex

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Tiffany has the wrong 'e'. I'm with Mark on the vintage but it's not in my book.

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>> a Times with the J below the baseline
Times Europa :-)

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But that's not it...

This looks similar


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It is a modified Times Modern Black


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Do you think they'll ever make facewash?

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does anyone know where i can get this font ?

i cant seem to find it out there!!

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EF Times Modern is no longer available and all records of it have been expunged. I presume it has something to do with Monotype’s ownership of the trademark and/or their licensing agreement with Elsner+Flake. More info on Times Modern here.

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Great research, Stephen! That was a nice read. Just one thing: I'm having trouble spotting the font on that cover with the horse... ;-)


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